How can I (re)book a dotoo?

03 Aug 2023

You are registered at a business and you want to cancel on one of the dotoos? You want to rebook a dotoo that you’re registered for? In this article we show you how to do this.

How do I get to my agenda?

Your personal agenda can be reached in different ways:

  • From the dashboard → Dotoos tile → View more
  • From the navigation bar on top of your screen → calendar icon
  • From the menu (top right of your screen) → Dotoos

This way your agenda is always within reach, no matter on what page you are. In your personal agenda you’ll find all the dotoos your are participating in.

On the page you can switch between list view and calendar view by using the two icons directly underneath the grey actionbar. By using the Businesses button you can switch to the calendar of a business you are registered with.

The calendar view has different view options:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

By using the Go to date field you can quickly navigate to a chosen date in the calendar. Select a date and press Go.

How do I leave a dotoo?

  • Navigate to the date in the calendar
  • Press the dotoo
  • Press the red Leave button
  • Optionally you can enter a reason.

How do I sign up for a dotoo?

Go to the business’s calendar, there are two ways to get there:

From the business’s page:

  • Dashboard
  • Click the business in the Businesses tile. If there are no businesses, you need to register with one first.
  • Press View more on the dotoos tile.

From your own calendar:

  • Dashboard → View more under dotoos.
  • Press Businesses in the grey action bar
  • Select the business

Next up you can register for a dotoo:

  • Navigate to the date in the calendar
  • Click on the dotoo
  • Press the green Join button
  • Depending on the business’s settings for the dotoo you can choose different options:
    • Participate by paying in Euros.
    • Participate by using an active business’s membership.
    • Participate by using tokens you have for the business.
  • Select one of the options and press Checkout and follow the steps.


On DoToo it is very easy to cancel on dotoos and signup for other ones. This way you don’t need to contact the business and you can flexibly (re)book dotoos whenever, where ever you are, on the road on your phone or at home in front of your computer. Go to and get started!

Do you have questions or feel like chatting with us? Feel free to reach out.